Tytin Jewelry started out as a small-scale design and metalsmithing studio providing an environment that was supportive, welcoming, and explorational. We helped small-time jewelers with big-time resources like jewelry production, professional techniques, and the nitty gritty of small business. We also helped others create unique stories with the jewelry making experience; whether that be creating their next heirloom piece or introducing them to the spark of the jeweler’s torch. 

Our services included custom jewelry design, specialized jewelry making classes and workshops, and an intimate studio space for jewelers to make great things. Our studio space included private bench rentals as well as community studio rentals. 

We've recently scaled back on our services however, and are now focusing on just a few. You can read more about our transition and future plans here.  




Tina has worked in the fine jewelry industry since 2010 and has been designing for her own line since 2013. In efforts to find her niche between the two worlds, she began noticing a big gap between her fine jewelry day job and the independent/DIY world she moonlighted in at nights. The knowledge and resources available seemed unapproachable or even unknown to the 'small-time' folks and she felt a need to bridge this gap. In addition, she often worked alone in her studio and craved for a community to share and cry with about the triumphs and failures experienced with running your own business. For these reasons, a few failed spaces, and hundreds of long days later, she created Tytin Jewelry's studio and shop.