Unconfined Jewelry for Your Ceremonial Moments

Tytin Jewelry is a fine jewelry design studio run by me, Tina Cannon. I specialize in one of a kind and customized wedding jewelry and other fine jewels to commemorate your special milestones.



I’ve always been interested in the way that materials can tell stories. I studied Fashion at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago then moved to New York to chase my dreams of being in the fashion industry.

I started taking jewelry classes at a neighborhood studio as an outlet from my busy job. The jewelry-making process connected with me in a way that fashion never did. Before I knew it, I was headed across the country to study at the Gemological Institute of America.

I laid roots in Chicago and worked in all aspects of the jewelry making industry—from customer service to manufacturing to casting to designing in CAD. Eventually, I started a neighborhood studio not unlike the one that first sparked my love of jewelry.

Now, I spend my days designing unconfined jewelry for remarkable people. When I’m not busy with jewelry, you can find me trying craft cocktails around the city, on the mat in a yoga class, or taking walks by the lake with my husband and dog.