In our wedding band workshop, hand carving techniques are coupled with the ancient art of lost wax casting to form your nuptial bands. You will in essence become the sculptor of your own wedding rings! This method of hand carving is a two-step process. In our first session, you will carve out your rings from wax. The waxes will then be sent out to our local caster to be transformed into the metal of your choice. And in our second session, you will file, sand, & polish your rings.



We recommend allowing at least 2-4 months before your ceremony for the entire process to take place. It typically takes about 1-2 weeks for your wax to return from our caster and any additional elements (i.e. engraving, stone setting) can also affect timing. However, if the design is simple it could possibly be done in a month. It all depends on your design and imagination. As for the workshops themselves, you can plan about 3 - 4 hours for the first session and about 2 - 3 hours for the second one.




Your creative experience works out as follows:

workshop session(s) + metal costs* + additional elements* = total cost for your rings

*plus any applicable sales tax



  • 1st session (carve rings) = $550 per couple making 2 rings / $350 per couple making 1 ring / $275 per individual making 1 ring

  • 2nd session (clean & polish) = $200 per couple making 2 rings / $150 per couple making 1 ring / $100 per individual making 1 ring

  • OR in lieu of 2nd session (Clean & polish by me) = $85/ring



Metal Options

  • Sterling silver

  • Rose silver

  • Platinum silver

  • 14k rose gold

  • 14k green gold

  • 14k yellow gold

  • 14k white gold

  • 18k yellow gold

  • 18k white gold

  • Palladium

  • Platinum

Casting Fees

  • Palladium & Platinum = $25/ring

  • All other metals = $15/ring

Average price range per ring*

  • Silvers: $50 - $120

  • 14k golds: $150 - $800

  • 18k golds: $250 - $900

  • Palladium: $300 - $900

  • Platinum: $400 - $1500


*Metal cost is determined based on the weight of your design. Once your wax is done carving, we can weigh the wax to get a better estimate on the metal cost. Final metal cost will be known once it returns from the caster.




  • Engraving letters & design elements are also possible! Pricing for these vary and are determined by the actual design.



Stone settings

  • Flush setting = $25 - $50 per setting depending on size of stone

  • Bezel, prong, custom setting = varies depending on design

  • Setting prices do not include the actual stones. We are happy to source stones for you. Price for stones will vary depending on the stone.


If you’re ready to begin, our first step will be to set up a design consultation. We’ll discuss your design ideas, timeline, pricing, and anything else you may have questions about. Consider gathering images of rings online or try some styles on at a traditional jewelry store to get a better idea of what you’re liking. And at the end of our meeting, we can schedule your workshop date! Please fill out the form below to request a consultation date. If you have additional questions about our wedding band workshop feel free to email me at

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