*please read below for a special note regarding our hours


We offer an intimate, small-scale jewelry studio equipped with workspace, Foredom flex shafts, Smith acetylene & air torch, Blazer Microtorches, silver solder, Durston rolling mill, polishing machines, drill press & more. All you need are your hand tools, materials, and ideas! We ask that all open studio users set an example for newer students by cleaning up after themselves, using tools and machines appropriately, and being respectful of others in the studio. Open studio users are not required to be current students but are required to have, at minimum, basic jewelry making experience and are familiar with the tools & equipment. Instruction is not included in open studio time. Feel free to come by for a tour to see if this is the space for you.

We strive to have open studio when classes are not happening. However, there may be times of overlap and we appreciate everyone taking on a 'sharing is caring' attitude.


Current students enrolled in a class or have taken certain 1 day workshops receive 3 practice passes at no additional charge that you can use during Open Studio hours. Come in and practice or finish your class projects at your leisure. You are welcome to use the studio tools and available copper or brass metal from our scrap bin. Our space is intimate and limited so please always be respectful of your neighbors. Practice Passes do not include instruction and expire 6 months after workshop date or last day of class. Of course, Tina will probably be around during your practice time and is pretty nice. She will most likely help you in any way she can but please keep in mind she may be working in the studio as well.


Open studio is available Monday - Thursday & Saturday 12-6pm. To use it, just contact the studio ahead of time at least an hour in advance of when you plan to come in. Tytin Jewelry is a one-woman operation and sometimes Tina needs to run out and get lunch, is late from running errands, or just needs a little break. So to prevent any missed connections, it's best to reach out before you head out. Please don't be shy about wanting to use the studio or even visit though! She loves visitors and studio users and welcomes them all and anytime during our hours. So just shoot us an email at when you want to come in. We check our email pretty often.

Like working at night? We occasionally have late nights in the studio during which open studio is also available. If you'd like to be notified of our late nights, just send us an email letting us know you'd like to stay updated.

Open Studio Purchasing Options:

  • Hourly rate: $10/hour
  • Day Pass: $35
  • 5 day pass: $75 (equals to $15/day)
  • 10 day pass: $100 (equals to $10/day)
  • Monthly pass: $150 (equals out to $7/day)

5 & 10 day passes do not have to be used consecutively and expire 6 months after purchase date. Any studio closures that are outside normal business hours and occur during a monthly pass will be credited toward future dates. 

To purchase Open Studio, please visit us at the studio or email Tina at