Time to be up front and honest. As a jewelry designer, I'm scared of diamonds. I know, weird right? You're thinking, 'That makes no sense, Tina'. Well it's true. It's like when you were in that awkward middle school phase and there were the 'cool kids' that you so desperately wanted to be like but didn't know how. You were captivated by their effortless cool, their ability to shine and attract everyone around them, their flashier and more stylish outfits...or maybe that was just my awkward middle school phase??

 Embracing my inner awkwardness on Halloween :)

Embracing my inner awkwardness on Halloween :)

In any case, diamonds are totally my cool kids. I've been loving them from afar but have been completely intimidated by them. Where do I buy them? How do I buy them? What kind do I buy? How much do they even cost?? Omg, if I don't know these things I'm going to look so stupid in front of my customer! HAAAALP! I also knew going into a diamond vendor's office on a whim or without a colleague's reference could be a big no-no, hence another reason I've been so intimidated.

So when the time came that my client wanted a diamond, I had to get help. I asked a few of my more seasoned jewelry friends for their advice and references. One friend eventually took me under his wing and we went to visit his diamond guy. And you know what? Yes, it was a little intimidating. But not as bad as I anticipated. It felt a little like buying report cards inside a drab doctor's office, and if you didn't understand the grading scale, you were completely lost. So with a little basic knowledge, a little 'fake it till you make it' attitude, and my friend's guiding hand, I was able to purchase my very first diamond! I felt so proud, like I had reached the cool kids' table. 

I am by no means a diamond expert now but I thought to myself, I can't be the only diamond novice jewelry designer out there...can I?? If I am, I've just embarrassed myself and you can ignore the rest of this post. But if I'm not, then where could they get help if they didn't have a friend to guide them?? I couldn't have done it without the help of friends! So I figured the next best thing would be a workshop. Hello, Diamonds 101 for Jewelers! 

So if you're anything like me, love diamonds but just need a little hand holding, then this workshop could be a great start. We're going to go over topics including the anatomy of diamonds, the 4c's, treatments, certificates, how to properly handle a diamond, and so much more. And as I mentioned, I'm no diamond expert so I've enlisted the help of my friend and instructor of the workshop, Alicia. She's a certified GIA Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) with experience in all forms of jewelry and gems. From GIA diamond/fancy diamond color grader to fine jewelry service associate at Hamilton Jewelers, this girl knows some things.

Image via GIA

Our first Diamonds 101 workshop starts pretty soon so don't miss out! And for an added bonus, we're offering 15% off to first time students with code: FIRSTTIMER on this workshop and actually on any other intermediate/advanced workshop*. We're excited to share with you our experiences and lessons learned. See ya soon!

*Booze & Bling workshop & Bench time not included. Code can only be used once for first time students. Offer ends Nov. 30th.

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