You know how they say some women have been envisioning their wedding since they were little girls? Well that wasn't usually me. The most I ever imagined was what kind of dress I might wear but even that was pretty vague. I haven't even been to many weddings (three at most) and 2 weeks ago at my bestie's wedding was the first time I've actually had the opportunity to experience a wedding in its entirety.  

Even now in my late 20's I haven't been that preoccupied with wedding bells. Instead I'm always freaking out about what will I do with my life? What career will I have? How do I become my own boss? What's the next jewelry collection?? 

Well now I can't get weddings out of my head! Thanks to Mr.T, I am now an engaged woman and the ring is UHMAZING!

My fiance (weird) designed the ring with a jeweler friend of mine and together they created this beautiful, art deco-y, scifi-ish, platinum masterpiece that cradles a gorgeous rose cut black diamond. He's an artist as well and the cube is one of his reoccurring motifs throughout his work. The concept was to have these stepped swirling shapes (which represent me and my jewelry designs) swoop up and form the cube shapes so you see them when looking down at the ring. Or if you're feeling the cheese: him and I becoming one....awwwwww! 


The proposal happened on a Friday night. I found this note sitting on my bench when I got home. He was sitting at his drawing table as usual so I didn't think anything of it except 'Aww how cute. He's being so sweet. What a great way to end a stupid work week.' I put the note back down, turn around and BAM! He's on his knee and I FREAK OUT. He doesn't even get the whole question out before I start rambling, "Is this for real?? Are you really doing this?? Is this happening??" And for some reason all I can think to say is "Thank you." I fall to my knees with him and I just keep hugging him and saying "Thank you. Thank you." So he says, "So, is that a yes?" Hell yes it's a yes!

It was such a surreal experience. Also, he proposed in our most favorite place: our studio. We spend a lot of time in there working on our projects, talking out ideas, giving each other mini critiques, holding the other one while the other has a mini meltdown about their's our sacred space. So it was the perfect setting for this special moment to happen. 

Besides just knowing the love of your life looks at you as the love of his life, the second best part about being engaged is I get to design the wedding bands! So many ideas are already running through my head...I can't wait!