One of my dearest friends got engaged last August so naturally she came to me to help her create her wedding band. And naturally, as dearest oldest friends go, she said, "Make me whatever! I just want it to have princess or baguette diamonds and it to be simple yet have something interesting." Most designers know, going off nothing is actually pretty hard and we'd rather have some sort of guidelines to point us in the right direction. However, I've known this woman for 21 years now so I trusted my instincts to guide me.

I worked up a lot of other bad ideas before landing with these top 3 sketches. The motif at the bottom there is derived from the infinity symbol and the first letter of her and his names. Infinity obviously equaling eternal love (awwwww). 

 The couple's wedding logo

The couple's wedding logo

All cheese aside, she loved the idea of the motif and we went with the first design since it had 5 diamonds; 5 equaling the number of years they've been together. Which by the way was a total happy design accident on my part. Apparently I was destined to make this band for her.

Here are the five lil' guys representing their so far 5 yet endless years of love :) 

 GH/VS baguette diamonds

GH/VS baguette diamonds

Once I had the design and diamonds ready to go, I moved onto the fun stuff.

Brace yourself for the birthing of a wedding band...

First, I created the CAD design using the program, Matrix:

After my friend ok'ed the CAD design, it was 3d printed into a wax prototype. The prototype was then used in the lost wax casting process: 

Here is what the newborn, 14 karat white raw casting looks like. This is before any type of finishing work is applied.


And finally, after some filing, sanding, polishing and stone setting, we have the final product:

Paige WB_6.jpg

This Saturday is her big day and the day she'll finally be able to put this baby on. I'll be standing next to her as her Maid of Honor. Out of all the maid of honor duties, making the ring was definitely the easiest part. The hardest though? The speech! I am not looking too forward to that but will hopefully gather some liquid courage and kick a$# at it. Wish me luck! And have a wonderful week!