This weekend I'll be exhibiting at my first ever out of state show, Unique LA Spring Show! I have no idea what to expect. The only comparison I can make is Chicago's Renegade Craft Fair. Both shows are similar in their setups, but I have a small suspicion this event will be a little different. So in a sense, I'm ready but not really...if that makes any sense? I've only done 3 shows since deciding to take this gig seriously and they've all been with Renegade Craft Fair. I guess that's why I decided to take the plunge and apply for this show, but am I getting ahead of myself with the whole out-of-state aspect? Am I good enough to ride with the cool kids of LA?? Who knows! As you can see, I'm having the classic artists' inner conflict. Oh woe is me. 

But as usual, we have our freak outs and then we carry on. I've been working on a lot of different projects in the last few months that have got me freaking out a little more frequently. To sum it up: I'm working a full time day job, making my best friend's wedding band, trying to get my own jewelry out there, hosting local jewelry lady meet ups, planning a whole new business so that I can quit my full time day job, and preparing for this LA show. PHEW. That's a lot for this little lady! So yeah, there are times when I freak out and then I calm down, and like the phrase says, I carry on. As I mentioned in a previous post of mine, I think the trick to accomplishing all that's in front of you is to just get lost in each moment, enjoy, and truly understand what it is you're doing. I guess some yogis would call that 'being present'. Fortunately, I'm actually calm for this next show so that's good. And I truly hope it turns out to be a worthwhile experience. I'll definitely follow up with a recap post.

Something I am excited about though for this show is debuting a few new pieces! Like I said, I've been involved in so many other aspects of my life I haven't really had a chance to make any serious new work. But I did find some time to make use of these super rad hematite cube beads that I've been hoarding for the last couple of months.

I paired the hematite with lapis lazuli round beads and am really digging the outcome. If they do well at the show, I plan on making more and having them available on my site. 

Also, I must really be into this lapis blue lately because I decided on a whim to dye some of my hairs the same color. And as you saw in the photo up top, my nails are the same color too. Don't know what it is but this color is speaking to me right now and I'm just going to go with it.

If anyone is reading this and lives in LA, please come say hello at the Unique LA Spring Show! I will have a special gift for anyone that stops at my table :)

Have a great week, everyone!