I'm celebrating Tytin Jewelry's new home by offering 20% off everything in my shop until March 30th! Just enter the code CRITIQUEME at checkout. It's my way of thanking you and everyone who has helped me along the way. It's also a chance for me to work out any kinks anyone should have during their experience with the website. So if you have any thoughts, please do not hesitate to send them my way! I really want to make this new home the best it can be :)

Speaking of housewarming gifts...

...this is the coolest for-realz DIY housewarming gift to make someone! Can't wait till one of my friends finally buys that house so I can concoct one of these for them. 

So yeah, mi casa es su casa! Get comfy, take a look around, enjoy that 20% off, and don't be afraid to hurt my feelings and tell me what's up. Your opinions really do matter to me.

Happy Monday!