...the new collection!!!

  Celestial Ceremonials:  talismans and amulets for rituals of a faraway world. 

Celestial Ceremonials: talismans and amulets for rituals of a faraway world. 


I decided to keep it a somewhat smaller collection compared to what I've done in the past. This way I have a better handle at controlling the quality of each piece, and it also gave me a bit more freedom to play with the finishing techniques. Up close you'll be able to see those better. I've incorporated a contrasting play of matte and shiny effects and one piece even has some oxidation! I'm super excited for this new collection. It's been a fresh and fun departure from my past collections yet still maintaining that Tytin strangeness. 

If you're in the Chicago area, I'll be participating in three holiday shows this season. Please come say hello and check out the new collection. There may also be a few other new designs available exclusive to the shows as long as some silver versions of the new collection.

November 22-23rd: Show of Hands 

December 6-7th: Renegade Craft Fair

December 14th: Dose Market

Hope to see you there!