Last week I exhibited at Chicago's Summer Renegade Craft Fair as you may know. It's my second time participating in Renegade but my first time doing its summer show let alone an outdoor show. Outdoor shows are definitely different than indoor ones that's for sure!

First thing's first, you need a lot more gear for set up: tent, tent walls, tent weights, rugs to cover the street, outdoor signs, renting a much more! Of course, not everything is obligatory but definitely helps in creating a nice 'shopping experience'.

Another thing I've learned, selling rings on a hot, HOT day...not the best idea. Selling bronze rings on a hot humid day, also not so great. Lesson number 1, be up front with your customers about the natural qualities of your materials. Silver and especially bronze develop a natural patina when exposed to oxygen a.k.a. silver turns black and bronze turns dark brown. Bronze will also sometimes turn your skin green. I forget some people don't know that but after one girl returned her ring that same day, I made sure to remind everyone following her.

 A few other things I learned: use a white tent so more light can get in (I had a blue one). If you have a mirror available make it more apparent. When customers know they can try something on, it increases their willingness to buy. And lastly, maybe for these types of events, I'll stock more necklaces and bracelets since they're an easier fit than rings.

All in all, summer Renegade was a fantastic experience! I really couldn't have done it without Mr. T's help and motivational support. Thanks to Renegade for organizing it and organizing it well. If you're ever thinking of doing Renegade or something like it, DO IT. There's nothing better than watching all your hard work be put into action.