It's been another long week full of busy-ness. I ended last week/started the week with a relaxing outdoor excursion to Ravinia Music Festival. I know nothing about Yo Yo Ma, but know he's pretty famous in the classical music why not? Sure! I'll go see Yo Yo Ma! Turned out to be Yo Yo Ma and a few others who formed a quartet and created the Goat Rodeo Sessions. All in all, not what you would expect when you hear 'yo yo ma', but it turned out to exceed my expectations!

In other news, my day job responsibilities have changed drastically. I'm now helping out in our CAM department where we oversee all the rapid prototyping models. So I'll be spending a lot more time with things like this:

I've spent the last 2 years in a customer service/coordinator position so I'm extremely happy to be transitioning into the more technical side of jewelry manufacturing. I'll be learning all the ins & outs of prototyping machines and jewelry casting concepts. It's been a tough transition, not gonna lie. The amount of information is immense but incredible. Who knew there was so much to consider when making jewelry like 'microns', 'metal flow', or 'grow plates'! This is definitely a new challenge I'm taking on but challenges and change are what keep me going.

And while I'm doing all that, I'm still working hard to get ready for Renegade. It's slowly sneaking up...2 weeks now! I've got my display all planned out. If you can't tell, I'm going for more stark contrast and keeping everything very black & white, very minimal.

And like last year, Renegade and so graciously offered us Renegade participants free business cards. Just got mine in the mail yesterday :)

I've got another busy weekend ahead of me with finalizing more Renegade details and finishing up a few more pieces. I hope your weekends are filled with busy fun! Have a great Friday and don't let the man get you down!