For those of you who don't follow me on the FB or instagram, I've posted a few action shots of my most recent jewelry making progress. Here they are corralled together for you on one easy convenient blog post.

This is a casting tree. This is how we jewelry people produce multiples.

This is my tumbler in action. This is how we jewelry people clean more than one thing at a time, aka life saver.
Here are my casted pieces all piled up neatly, sitting there, taunting me with the many hours of work ahead.
During one of my many zombie-like filing sessions, I looked down and noticed, "Daaaaang my tool is so badass." It's the little things that keep me going :)
ALSO, another little thing...

Isn't it amazing when the sky turns this deep blue color?? I know, random. But this is one of my favorite colors and I can't believe my camera phone actually caught it. 
Happy Wednesday everybody!