I have been a jumble of a mess this past week with work, CAD classes, AND being sick! It's been a huge blur so pardon my absence. But I wanted to pop in and say hello and bombard you with a clutter bomb of images and random thoughts.

Here I am test driving the new Surveyor Ring in bronze (pointer finger ring). Like what you see?? Go here to get one of your very own!

Chicago has finally accepted that it's summer. Isn't this city beautiful??
Mr. T participated in his very first gallery opening. He displayed original drawings from his comics and he even sold one of them to a mysterious buyer! Go Mr. T! I'm so proud of him. Oh and there's his lovely back side :)

On my way to the Blackhawks game and spotted an artsy fartsy photo op. Oooooo.
CAD classes! I've been spending every Wednesday night and Saturday mornings this past month in CAD classes. Pretty neat huh? Crazy what you can make with a computer.
And lastly, I just got a new toy! I decided it was time to invest in a tumbler.  Reason being, I'll soon be crazy busy making lots of inventory for an exciting event...
....Renegade Craft Fair!!! I'll be participating in the summer event taking place in Chicago. The winter one was such a great experience. Stay tuned throughout the next 2 months. I'm sure I'll be moaning and groaning and keeping you posted on all my progress.

All right folks. Thanks for listening to my ramblings about this past week. I promise I'll get over this cold soon and get back to more comprehensive thoughts. Have a great Sunday!