As I mentioned in my last post, I've been developing a new collection for this Fall/Winter. It's been a slow process. A lot slower than I want. 

Sometimes I wish I had the time to crank out a collection for every season like the big fashion houses, but I have to remind myself that I'm only one person. 

Sometimes I freak out and worry time is passing me by and I need to make things happen NOW, but I have to remind myself, I'm only one, still very young person. 

Sometimes I want to quit my day job and concentrate fully on this 'jewelry company' thing, but I have to remember, I'm only one person, and it will be ok because one day, soon, I WILL get there. Since I'm only one person, I have to take small steps, but I'm focusing on making each of those small steps the fullest and greatest steps. Soon, those small steps will amount to big things. 

I've been using this 'small steps' philosophy as inspiration for my new collection which I'll be sharing with you oh so soon! Below are some sketches I've been working on for the new collection's 'logo' (for lack of a better word). Can't wait to show you more!