Hello folks. I've made it safely back from my mini trip to Seattle...just in time for the Chicago snow storm...welcome home! I must say, trading snow for rain was well worth it even for only 4 days. And even luckier for me, it barely rained while I was there!

Seattle felt like a mini version of Chicago's downtown intersection of State and Monroe mixed in with gentle hills and an industrial waterfront. Very cool. The surrounding neighborhood, Capitol Hill, was equally as cool and relatable to Wicker Park pre-gentrification but less sketchy.

All in all, Seattle is a very accessible city with very friendly people living in it. There's a good balance between commercial and local businesses, a plethora of local restaurants, not to mention Pike Place market (Oh My Food Galore), and Starbucks is definitely NOT the only coffee shop there. I think I passed at least 8 different local coffee roaster/shops all within a 5 mile radius. Yay, Seattle! You earn a spot on my list of cities I could one day live in.

Oh, and of course, how could I forget! The whole reason I went to Seattle was to support Mr.T at the Emerald City Comicon. Here he is killin' it. He had a very successful show, and I'm so proud of him!

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