I'm not gonna lie...I've been in a grumpy, crabby, out of sorts kinda mood. I'm trying to get out of this funk and remember the wonderful things that make up my life. And since Valentine's Day is this week, I thought I'd focus on the love in my life. Not even just romantic love, but the love I feel for my friends and family, the love they give to me, that lovely feeling I get when I make jewelry, of when I bite into delicious foods, of when I observe random acts of kindness, of when I get the urge to dance in public while listening to my music...my love for EVERYTHING. I need to focus on these things and remember that love is worth way more than this foul mood I've been in. So yeah, here's to Love.

For now though, let's start the week out with a little animated love! Check out Disney's newest animated short film, Paperman.