Here's wishing that everyone feels the love today from everything and everyone and in all forms!

Also, I haven't been able to get this moment out of my head. That moment I watched on tv a live performance of Glycerine by Bush's Gavin's Mtv's Spring Break live started raining...the band is like 'Oh no, it's raining. It's dangerous. We can't play.'...but Gavin is like, 'Who cares, man. Screw this rain. I'm playing and no one can stop me.' least that's how it happened in my he couldn't let the love of the music and his fans bring him down...I feel like Gavin is serenading me, and only me, through the romantic, drizzling rain. Swooooon...

If you're down because you think no one loves you (which is totally not true btw) just listen to Gavin. He'll make you feel special.

Happy Valentine's Day!