How was your holiday?? Mine was the epitome of relaxation. I was so relaxed, I got tired in the middle of every day at around 2pm and just had to take a nap, that's how relaxed I was. The most amount of energy I exerted was spent on eating, watching movies, and going to the mall. Ahhh the suburbs. I also spent some time in the deserts of Colorado (did you know Colorado had deserts??) visiting Mr. T's family. It was a pretty empty landscape but it was also pretty damn pretty.

Aren't the colors gorgeous?! Well now I'm back in the city and it definitely feels good to be using my body for other activities like walking. Not sure if my vacation brain has caught up, but I'm slowly getting there. Writing this post is certainly helping. It's also helped me to do a bit of yearly reflection.

This past year was all about a new job in the jewelry industry and gaining an in depth understanding of jewelry manufacturing. It was about designing my own jewelry collection and actually following through to make the designs into finished pieces. And lastly, it was about getting this collection out into the world.

This year I want to do more. I want to design and manufacture another collection but this time make the quality even better and incorporate gemstones. I want to begin writing my business plan for my future jewelry studio and shop where we'll offer classes, studio space, and sell specialty items. I want to restructure my life in any way possible to help me achieve these goals.

It was almost exactly a year ago I made my very first post here and just like that time, here I am again reflecting on this previous year and feeling that things are finally possible. It's kind of strange that I find myself in the same position as last year, except this time, my dreams are even bigger! And like this previous year, I'm going to make them happen. I'm going to take my own advice and just do. There really is no better time to do it, than NOW.