Renegade was a blast! It was exciting, overwhelming, exhausting, exhilarating, was great. There was a constant flow of people so I barely had any time to walk around or shop but here are a few snapshots I was able to sneak in.

Vendors setting up. 

Yup, this is me right before the show opened. I think there's a smile trying to come out from beneath fear and excitement twisting around in my stomach.

A view from the balcony just as the show is opening up.

Here's one of my booth neighbors, Pieces of Craft, a group of 6 local Chicagoans gathering together to make awesome stuff. Here's Dan among his plethora of hand made prints.

And here's my other booth neighbor, Lets Be Friends. They make ridiculously cute plush monster dolls and letter pressed paper goods.

This is Mr.T. I couldn't have survived this event without him by my side the entire time. I'm so grateful for him!

And here's my friend, Dallas! She exhibited at Renegade too with her UH-mazing jewelry. 

I can't thank all my friends who stopped by to say hi and all the people that stopped by my booth enough. I feel so grateful that I was able to share my jewelry for the first time in such a supportive, positive, and creative environment. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Up next, getting my online shop together! I hope to have it up and running in a week so stay tuned!