Renegade is going to be my first craft show and right now planning my table seems to be the most challenging part. So I'm trying to prepare my booth and packaging supplies as early as possible. There's so many things to think about! Banners, props, concepts, color schemes, is my table going to be visually stimulating? how much is too much? how can I do this on the cheap?? 

My first stop this weekend was American Science & Surplus.
From the outside, it looks like your typical strip mall, brick and mortar shop. But the inside is a magical, treasure trove of oddities, hobby and tech-y science supplies. If you live in Chicago and need random supplies, this place is a must. I didn't find everything I needed but I did pick up these two little guys below. Not sure what their purpose is yet but I do know they will serve some function on my table. Holding price tags perhaps?

At my second stop, Home Depot, I picked up this textured, metallic black paint by Martha Stewart. Enough said. Let's see how it looks on these two random drawers I have. Ok!
And last but not least, I took advantage of one of Renegade's thoughtful exhibitor gifts: free mini business cards from Oh! Maybe those two little guys can hold these...
So many ideas, too little time...but I'm on the right track and can't wait to see what the final table results look like!