This weekend was...weird, for lack of a better word. It started off with grandiose plans of excitement and anticipation but didn't ripen to the fruits of my expectations. I was supposed to start the weekend off attending Chicago's Small Business Expo enriching my mind with information on how to start/run/maintain a small business. (Oh, because if you weren't aware, I'd like to start a new jewelry studio/retail space in Chicago, and yes, along with my own jewelry many dreams...). And then after an early morning of inspiring business talk, I was going on a mini road trip to Arcadia, Missouri to attend the wedding of one of the first-in-eight-from-my-close-group-of-friends to get married. It was going to be an epic event! How could it not?? I've known these seven other friends for over 10 years now and we've made it our mission to meet up at least once a year. This was going to be a double whammy: wedding and reunion!

But nothing had turned out the way I had envisioned it. I missed the expo completely because the website gave me the wrong address. I barely had any time with my friends since most of the weekend was predominantly spent in the car driving to and from places, and 5 of the 7 friends were in the wedding so were preoccupied with wedding tasks. Sigh.

The weekend left me feeling sad, confused, worried, and...weird. I realized adult life creeping up on me. I realized my friends and I were getting older and as we aged, our reunions would be few and far between. I realized I'm getting older and my life is not where I want it to be. I realized too many things for a Monday morning and that I need to stop!

Finally, I realized that you have to stop and say to yourself instead, 'Ok, this is happening. How will you choose to handle this?' At this point, I'm not sure how. But making the choice to not get upset and think about it differently helps a lot. At least on my 2 hour commute to 'nowhere expo', I was able to see the beautiful Chicago skyline from a different view (pictured above). least there's that.