I made it! I made it as a vendor for Renegade Craft Fair's Holiday Market in Chicago!! I'll be debuting my first ever collection at the market so everyone, come one, come all! This event has been a long time coming for me, and I'm so happy all that hard work has paid off. BUT HOLY MOLY! Do I have a lot more work to do till then! Stay tuned for progress updates.

Also, I know I seemed a little jaded in my last post, commenting about how my life isn't where it should be, yada yada yada. But I've also realized in the last 24 hours: Baby steps, I'll get there in baby steps. And this is just one more awesome baby step towards ultimate...Jewelry...DOMINATION! Oh, sorry, I mean *cough* running my own small business and *cough* creating my own jewelry :)

Happy Tuesday, everybody!

image via Renegade Craft Fair