Remember when I made these guys??

Well I FINALLY got them molded! Below you can see pretty much the whole process of how wax becomes metal, or more aptly named, the lost wax casting process. First, I carve a design out of wax (that green stuff on the left). A mold is then taken of that wax (that clear rectangle thing in the middle). Then you shoot injection wax (that blue stuff on the mold) into the mold. You can see at the bottom of the mold a 'road' that travels to both of the pieces. This 'road' is what the injection wax follows to fill in the design. You then take the blue pieces and attach them to a casting tree where they will be surrounded with investment/plaster, the blue wax is burned away leaving a negative of the design, and then metal is shot into the negative, leaving you with a positive of your design! Isn't it exciting?? Or probably confusing...either way it feels amazing to see my designs finally come to some sort of fruition.

The work doesn't end there though. Now I'll have to get these guys all polished up and pretty. Although I think I'm liking this rough, matte texture the rough casting has got going on. We'll see what usual, let me get back to you!