It's been a slow and steady process achieving the status of 'jewelry designer'. I still don't even consider myself one and feel more comfortable labeling myself as aspiring jewelry designer. But at some point, the first step to achieving what you want, is believing you are that something. I've received some special requests in the last couple weeks to design friends' wedding bands and engagement rings. My initial reaction was 'Eeeek! Are you sure you want me to do it??' But then I thought, 'Why not me??' I'm working in the jewelry business; I went to school for jewelry; I'm creative; And I WANT to make my own jewelry. I think it's time to start believing that I AM a jewelry designer. 

So even though I haven't had the personal experience of designing something as special as an engagement ring or wedding band, I know I can do it and will do it AWESOME-ly. Challenge, accepted! 

Naturally, I've started noticing some unique ring pairings and in honor of Valentine's Day I thought I'd share some:

Aren't these interesting? Simple and subtle with a quiet impact. Just how I like it. Oh, and yeah, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Just know, someone out there is loving you and will always love you.