I lug around a lot of stuff everyday. Do I need everything I lug around, every, single, day? Probably not. But in the back of my mind, I know the day I don't bring it with me, is the day I'll need it. Wallet, eyeglass case, sunglasses, Kindle, a real book (just in case I'm in a different reading mood), chapstick, kleenex, hand lotion, Advil, pen, pencil, keys, makeup bag, gum...SO MANY THINGS. I do dream of a day when I can walk out the door and fit everything I need into my pockets. But until then, I thought maybe I should get a bigger purse? But then I thought, what about a backpack?? There had to be some out there that didn't scream I'm-a-27-year-old-woman-wearing-a-highschool-backpack! And so my hunt began...below are some of my favorites: 

1. Kormargeaux / 2. Mismo / 3. Dusen Dusen / 4. The Row / 5. Steven Alan / 6. Billykirk / 7. Baggu

So the verdict is, backpacks can be cool! My favorite of the favorites? Number 7, Baggu. Not only for the design but the price is on par with my budget. Double whammy! I'll definitely be sportin' one sometime soon.