It's been over year since I've last touched a blog post. My previous venture, Piece Fleet, was going somewhere, but life wasn't letting me follow. I had to take a hiatus to return to school which turned into a little longer, and then a little longer more, and then just a tiny bit more until--bam. I tried to return to Piece Fleet but it didn't seem right. Something changed, I changed. I'm a completely different person. I've changed in this past year. I've done things. I've seen things. I'm thinking different things. Things seem possible now! Haven't you ever thought to yourself screw this and then go on a year of 'discovering' yourself like some Eat Pray Love montage? Ok, maybe it wasn't like that, but this last year for me was something to that effect. So here I am now with a new blog home, with a new name, with a new attitude. No more hoping, just doing. And what better time than NOW. I'm tired of waiting. Let's get. it. on.

image via Pikaland